Life is Light. There's no place like, where you are right now. Change is finally happening and the old world of ego that we have all lived through, will be replaced by an new collective realization of light, love, and truth. I am naturally high in spirit about this new age approaching. I will finally fit in.

We all cross over into this life from a place of pure light and unconditional love. As a child, I bared witness to more evidence of human nature, than divine nature. These two natures exist within all of us. Sadly, most humans remain asleep and are subject to the reactionary mode to defend one's self from the ways of the world. Individuals doing what they believe they have to do, and often compromising their principles. Survival mode is a very vulnerable mode of existence, and most remain trapped in their minds by themselves, unconsciously.

The whole world is finally awakening to a new earth. I am a born empath. I am extremely non-confrontational. Painting is my first vocational medium. There is a light that comes from everything that is alive. We all simply need to be still and look a little closer to see, or rather, realize the real truth of life. Life is light. 

We all need to LIVE while we are all ALIVE. We also need to live and LET live. One hand washes the other, and so begins, the ONE true road to PROSPERITY for ALL human kind. 

Like paint, human kind needs to blend and share our divinely given gifts. In this way, we will all grow individually and together as human beings.  Your common sense of all that is alive, will grow. I have no doubts

We are all now growing in a greater quality and depth of how we SEE each other. Being still and allowing your personal light to naturally grow, is the first step to feeling the true wealth of this life. Be alive today.


The truth about you is, Divine presence is within you. We are all born to love each other, and personally grow in our absolute best, and help others, until we leave. Be the change the world needs to see. Shine bright my friend.


Jeffrey Louis Fitzharris